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March 2019 Updates

Blog by Power Properties | March 5th, 2019

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I like the cold weather. It means you get work done. 

- Noam Chomsky

Calgary remains in a deep freeze and we recently were speaking with some roofing experts and were alerted to 'attic feezing'.  This is caused by daily living, cooking, bathing, cleaning and just plain living.  With all the heat and moisture produced, through normal everyday living, moisture is being trapped in attics, then freezing and ultimately thawing.  During the thawing process, you may not see any damage as the water is being soaked up in the insulation and drywall which will eventually manifest itself as mold.  This seems to be most problematic with new houses as they are more tightly sealed, some airtight.  These roofing professionals suggested checking attic spaces for moisture to avoid problems down the road.  We are looking into some pricing on this issue and will advise.  We have already had a property where attic work was required to remediate and it was under 350.00 all in.  We have also had 2 condominium issues where the tenant left a window open resulting in burst water lines.  These cases fall under insurance though as the costs are in the tens of thousands. 

On a happier note, we recently attended a meeting with the CRRA (Calgary Residential Rental Association) where several property managers were in attendance and it seems that everyone is in agreement on the upswing in the rental market.  As we mentioned last month, we have started raising rents slightly,  but we are receiving quite a bit of push back from tenants.  As tenants have had the upper hand for the past few years they are having a hard time letting go, with the good news being most landlords are all onboard with trying to at least get back to market rental prices, a win for us all.


Deborah (Debbie) Laughlin ARM® 

General Manager/Real Estate Associate 

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