Property Management Service Summary and Fees


*Fees may vary for properties located outside of Calgary

Leasing Fee- S775.00 +GST Includes the following:

  1. All advertising including professional photographs and a comprehensive description for up to 2 months: Pre-screening calls from prospective Tenants before showing the property 7 days a week
    10. Relocation Agencies
  2. Showing the property by a licensed Realtor®
  3. Taking the first month's rent as a rental deposit
  4. Preparing the Application to Lease
  5. Checking the landlord reference
  6. Confirming the employment
  7. Obtaining a credit report
  8. Preparing the formal lease and getting it signed before move in
  9. Completing a move in inspection report in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
  10. Completing a video and photographic record of the interior and exterior of the home
  11. Installing a permanent lockbox at the property
  12. Commission to our leasing agents
  13. Out of Calgary properties will be charged mileage for every visit, including inspections.

Management Fee - 12% of the Monthly Rent Includes the Following:

  1. Collecting the monthly rent and depositing it into our audited trust account
  2. Follow up on delinquent rents if required
  3. Responding to maintenance requests from the tenants and owners
  4. Maintaining a 24-7 emergency response system
  5. Paying on your behalf any costs incurred for the maintenance of the property.
  6. Preparing monthly financial reports on the property and emailing them to the owner at the end of each month
  7. Electronically sending the net proceeds of the property to the owner's bank account between the 20-25th of the current month.
  8. Carrying out formal inspections of the property two months after a new tenant moves in, followed by annual inspections, with copies sent to the owner
  9. Responding to owner and tenant concerns
  10. Complimentary owner visits to the property

Lease Renewal Fee- $237.50 + GST

  1. Establish current market rental value
  2. Send out appropriate letters to Owner and Tenant
  3. Prepare lease renewal document and get it signed by the tenant.

Non-resident Fees-$345 + GST/year

Non-resident fees vary depending on the complexity of your income tax circumstances, but the base fee covers:

  1. Prepare and file NR-6
  2. Prepare and file NR-4
  3. File and seek approval of the budget with Revenue Canada
  4. Administer monthly deductions and remittance to Revenue Canada
  5. Each additional property is $90/year
  6. Spousal surcharge if applicable $90
  7. Filing and preparation of your individual income tax return (optional) $265